Sunday, July 5, 2009

my whole wide world

Tamara is feeling extravagent.
Tamara is cracked wide open.
Tamara has not been on facebook for months and suddenly she is all over it, spilling.
Tamara is swelling, surging, cresting, breaking with metaphors that potentially only surfers understand. And she's not even a surfer. Oh you don't have to be a surfer. You just have to be a partial sideline witness to...
oh bollocks. Let me just -

I am an aunty. An Onty, as they say here. My beautiful sister, of thetimesofmiranda, has made herself sacrosanct to that ordinary miracle - the giving of life.
Damn. She has pushed a small (quite big actually) live human creature ( I saw it. IT WAS HUGE. [and very cute]) through her vagina. Seriously. I am not joking. She did this. I was not there. To witness all the things she will ( I hope) blog about in due course. But bloody hell. I am not the first person to be struck dumb by this ordinary miracle. Her husband, for one, looked kind of - well - I've seen that look before. And it wasn't because the lions lost so badly to the boks. (with a face saving comeback today). He is a mensch tho. He hung in there. No fainting. They didn't have to call me. Tho I wanted them to - for what? why? no, I only. No. it was all. It happened as it should. Oh my poor mother, smsing through the night. what - how? now? what? when? Oh! oh bollocks. I answered the phone in my sleep (yes, i did eventually sleep, through my CAPS LOCK smsing to her man ARE YOU SURE I SHOULDN"T be THeRE? receiving his calm No, its ok, all good...responses and then finally, thank thank - yes, oh thank - janelle and i gmailing each other furiously should i be there should i
Mark at 3;40 am its a girl - (yes I thought that, tho only this morning, before that i thought it was a he, in the bath this morning i thought it - of course its a she silly) its all ok she is its all its ok sleep now its a girl its a girl its a girl
And -
And -
I am learning new things about love.
I am.
This feeble heart of mine.

Heh heh.

Seriously though. Miranda will probably say things like - oh I know all mothers have said this before - and she will try to not be a gushing new mom who is a blogger mom who is all full of fuzziness for the babyness.

But just so that you know. And she may be mad at me because I am stealing the gap before she gets home and cozy with her laptop and can say about -

oh man.
Just so you know. She truly IS the most beautiful small piece of angel-mail that ever came to the southern hemisphere. (i can't speak for up there) She is so cute.


Janelle said...

aaaaaaaaaah best news ever...! and thanks for being on the otherside of phone, email, skype blah...desperate! xxx j

Jeannie said...

Wonderful news - and thank you for blogging it to us!

The 5th July is my second son's birthday - it's a day for joyous, beautiful children!!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic news! I feel exhausted and elated just reading that. And what a lucky baby too - there's a whole lot of love out there for her!

Angela said...

Congratulations, Auntie Tam, now you are in the auntie community!! And another cousin was born last night! Read my mails to Pam! Love from Geli

Shiny said...

Woohooo. Just completely and utterly fabulously exciting! xxx

Lori ann said...

bless bless bless. hugs and kisses and congratulations to the new mama and papa and grandparents and now here in this space to you dear Tam, that was the most outrageously fabulous birth announcement i've ever read. baby rashid (?) yes? is one very lucky little darling to have you for her AUNTIE!

And your right, it is a miracle, every single time.

Welcome to the world baby.


Val said...

awesome - just overwhelmed and entirely happy for you all! love the name too..welcome Lara Isabella! big love xxxxxxxx

Tessa said...

Congratulations to Mum and Aunty, both..and welcome to the world baby girl. Great news!

family affairs said...

That is brilliant news Lx

Anonymous said...

Cool stuff - well done Miranda and welcome to Lara! Somebody give Daddy a cigar!

tam said...

Thank you so much for all your words of blessing and congratulation (hey - I didn't DO anything!) but the words are being passed on to Mama, who is in love, naturally, and will be in touch with all of you after a couple of weeks no doubt. They are all doing well.
Yes, Lara Isabella is a lovely name, has a great musicality to it. I'm so glad they didn't called her Blogita or some such.