Friday, August 14, 2009


i submitted two funding proposals, prepared another, was told by my therapist that i'm having a breakthrough, found wheat-free carrot cake, watched my first performance of Paydirt with an audience.

Decided that, perhaps I could,

after all

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Val said...

hi Tam - oh yes you CAN!! this is your story. Congrats on all you have achieved. Did you make a dvd of Paydirt??
love Vxx

Mud in the City said...


You achieved more in a day than I have so far this year!

karen said...

Hi Tam, nice to hear from you again, and great to hear you're in an achieving mode! I am embroiled in a procrastinator's nightmare, with doing an application with immigration, which I have to have to complete soon, and you are giving me some motivation here!

wheat free carrot cake sounds great!!

Shiny said...

Woohooo! So many things, all in one go. Have another biscuit (wheat-free, but chocolate-filled)... x

tam said...

Val, ahem, no. We are having another run however and will be sure to record something this time.

Mud, impressive, eh? Actually, they've all been in the pipeline for so long it was just a matter of making sure they all arrived at the same time. Still, I think I'll have that biscuit, shiny, thank you.
Karen, I am a professional procrastinator. I should make a theme song.