Friday, April 1, 2011

I had a dream...and there was chocolate

You can't make this stuff up. Well, you can, apparently. Or at least, my unconscious mind can.

So there was a movie shoot. It was on a field the size of a rugby pitch. Bigger, even. Sir Ian McKellen was there, being a wonderful, inspiring gentleman. We were following him, Pied Piper like. I was shy. His costume was kind of Roman gladiator meets sage.

It was complicated, as these dreams often are. But what I can tell you, is that the "set", if that's what it was, was a giant maze - walls at head height. And it was made of chocolate cake. ENTIRELY of chocolate cake. And some parts, like the cement between the bricks were pure hardened chocolate. That's a chocolate cake maze the size of a rugby pitch, people, and I was - well - harvesting it.

I'm not sure about the rest. I'm not sure exactly what Sir Ian was up to, or why. Normally in these dreams I am supposed to be director or scriptwriter or lead role and I am hopelessly unprepared and floundering. In this one, I was just crew. I had my cake and... wrapped it up in tin foil for later.

I wonder if this has anything to do with the fact that I was shopping for clothes yesterday and feeling a tad depressed at the size of my new waistline?


Angela said...

Before I had my second baby (3 1/2 years later) I weighed less than before the first. Wait till Josef can run feel speed, he`ll make you thin I promise! So in the meantime eat all the chocolate you can get hold of! These dreams always tell us something we should know.

M. told me about your chatting - great! I want pictures, too!

Miranda said...

Oooer, yes please!


Anonymous said...

Dammit - now I have to go find chocolate!

frances said...

Tamsin, not sure if you remember me from Rhodes, but I absolutely love and can completely relate to your baby blogging. I'll be visiting again :)

karen said...

Impressive dream! I've been catching up, and have just seen the photos of Josef in your earlier post for the first time. What incredible eyes he has.. hope you are both doing very well!

hele said...

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm....chocolate little one is allergic to dairy and has a bit of candida so no sugar or wheat for me. i dream about chocolate cake with my eyes open.

and about the waistline. i bought jeans at cape union mart that sits on my hips. hah. completely bypassing my stomach :)

i am curious if you are doing the mother/baby yoga classes at conscious birth which you mentioned on your other blog? i'm attending a kundalini class where i am allowed to bring baby with but she does not practice with us.

hele said...

eesh. i see my previous comment has disappeared.

anyway...last night i dreamed i was stuck on a staircase made out of chocolate cake. the steps were too narrow and high to get up without pulling myself forward and this motion caused the cake to tear. to make things worse the cake looked super delicious but right now i am not allowed cake as my little one has a bit of thrush and therefore i have to avoid sugar and wheat.