Thursday, July 31, 2008

blogger addict wrenched from habit

alas, all attempts to connect through flash phone have so far failed. I am unplugged, cast out from cozy world of me and my blogmates. They have put us up in a suburban outreach of Lilongwe and there are no leisurely strolls to local internet cafes in the evening. I am sneaking this session on a UN laptop, and have the shortest of times to say hello to the internet before I must attempt the foothills of the 20cm pile of paper I have accumulated since Monday. I am staggering under the weight of too many expectations (oh the joy of being a consultant - how they think you will solve all their unspoken expectations. wave that wand, oh writer, tell us how we are Delivering As One.) had great plans, to post excerpts from my multiple notebooks - one for the field, one for meetings, one for dreams and poetics. And rants. Oh, I have some rants brewing. Be warned.

We go to Blantyre tomorrow and then a fast shutter multi click many stop whirlwind tour of projects the length and breadth of Malawi. Will I get connected before then? Perhaps not. So when I return to Internetland, I will have tales to tell a plenty. But probably only next week. And then i will find ways to Package the information in a Culturally Sensitive way for my Target Audience. Hopefully I will do this according the Paris Declaration, in a way that Mainstreams the significant issues, Delivers effectively, Streamlines operations and has an Impact on the Beneficiary. With Coherence. Harmonising Operations so that. You. Can understand what the fuck it is They. Are trying to say.
Until then.


Chimera said...

Acronmyns and coded language eh? Ahhh the stench of UN beaurocracy!
Hurry counting on the rants,
T xx

tam said...

yes! its hilarious and weird and infuriating. I keep finding myslef looking really really hard at people to see if they are taking the piss. But they're not. Rants will come later, but for now, a few pics...