Monday, July 14, 2008

Tagged (slowly now)

I've been tagged. Thank you Janelle, sister 'from another mother' from the wild hinterland of Tanzania. The branches from Janelle's family tree tangled with those of my family tree long before I was born, and despite her claims that her dad is crap at making money, his claim to fame in my family is that when my grandad and her dad were business partners, my grandad made a profit for the first and only time in his life... another post, another story. Janelle's inner exuberance and the ragged glory of her surroundings are fuel for the flashes of crazy beauty that she captures on
She's a wicked, soulful, wild hearted, poetic one of a kind queen and I am very lucky to share some cultural dna with her (we the lost daughters of colonial wildlife big game naturalists).

Unfortunately, so similar are we in tastes that all the other blogs she tagged are ones that I would have too. This means I have to find some other blogs to tag and this takes time - a commodity that, in my world, dwindles faster than the glaciers on Kilimanjaro.
Like her, I would of course list
(my true blood sister who, among her manifold gifts can boast a talent for happiness and for living life with humour and ease.)
(another valiant Zambian scatterling).
BUT I want to avoid an endless loop of referral, like an SA government department red tape and form filling exercise which causes reality to fold in on itself, as Form CT112 refers you to form C116 which in turn sends you back to CT112. I'll have to find new blogs to read, which is the whole point of the exercise, duh.
To get started:
I love the inspiration I get from reading "journal of a fool", Andrew Buckland's accounts of going to live in Vegas and "joining the circus", (Circe du Soleil). Andrew was teacher, mentor and friend to me back when I studied and then worked at the drama department at Rhodes University. The man is a supremely skilled performer,mime, writer, inspirer of young artists and father to a tribe of delectable sons. Read about life in Love on
Quality over quantity, dear readers. I'll post others as I discover them.


pam said...

Goodness I do hope yr razor-shredded cat is ok. Along with yr gate-bashed, tree-plumetting man. Love yr inspiring words.

tam said...

sjoe thanks ma. The cat is seriously lacerated. Terrible. I only collect him this afternoon but at least no organs punctured. Seems he impaled himself fleeing from the dog and then must have ripped the skin further trying to get out. Ow man. We weren't home - only found him when we got back, so so awful! Will keep you posted.