Tuesday, February 10, 2009


There are weeds growing up around this url.

The screws holding up the sign have rusted, and it's hanging lopsided in the rain.

The post has not been collected in days.

Are the owners home?

Numerous attempts to ring the doorbell have yielded no answer.

The whole place needs a coat of paint, really.

But early this morning I saw someone zooting off in a little red car. She looked harrassed. She waved a little red diary and said something about the diary being too small for the year. She said it was overflowing already. She said, economic crisis? What economic crisis, I've never been busier, she said. She said she was starting two new part time jobs, one teaching at the University, another doing corporate training. She said she was also starting a business. She said please to do some weeding and to water the plants. And then she was gone.

There was something else she said - I'm not sure if I heard her right, though. Something about - no. I'm not sure I can say it here. I'd better check with her first, before I start any rumours.


Miranda said...


macjanet said...

Ha ha Tam! You're very funny.
I agree with Miranda...

Angela said...

It`s not...? Is it...?

karen said...

sounds very intriguing?? now you've got us all wondering..

Jeannie said...

what What WHAT??? Cruel, cruel girl!

tam said...

Heh heh heh

Reya Mellicker said...

Say it?? Please?

Like you, the economic downturn has been good for my business in many different ways. Being at the bottom of the food chain does have its advantages. I guess!

Congrats on all the new work. I miss you, though. Some days it's hard to locate you with my reya-dar. Now I know why.


Lori ann said...

that's not fair. we're going to be sitting here waiting you know.


Tessa said...

Still waiting, Tam!! Breath getting more bated every day!

Hehe...word veri is 'banta'!