Saturday, March 21, 2009

Might as well face it.

Most of us have been disappointed by love at some time in our lives.

But this is not a post about that.

This is a random and a rambling post. Its about gloves.

A dear friend and I have a game we play from time to time - replacing the word 'love' in popular songs, with 'glove'. Its fun.

"What've gloves got to do with it?"
"All you need are gloves! Gloves are all you need"
"Might as well face it, you're addicted to gloves"
"Gloves are in the air"
"Oooohhh, I need your gloving..."
"A glove is in the air..."

Well, we think its fun.

This post is an antidote.

I got two awards, you see. I've been awarded for being a blog thinker. A think blogger. A Cognisense Blognosense foggisense blogger. Val should know, I was always a thoughtful child. (and a vomitous one, but that's another story)

I distinctly remember someone saying to me once "Stop staring at me like that!" I had no idea. I was playing my favourite game - stare at someone and see their face as a baby, and then warp your vision to see them as an old person. I loved that game. I guess it must have been kind of freaky to be on the receiving end.

At school I was always told by my sage friends, "you think too much."

So, dear Val, and Karen, who awarded it again (some time ago I admit).

Thank you. I humbly accept, and I'm afraid you are probably right. I'm a bit of a thoughtful lass. Thanks for the nudge. Time I got back on the old cushion and emptied my head a little. Too many thoughts - eish, not a comfortable place. As Louis van Loon once said - if your thoughts are like the spaghetti, try to be in the spaces in between. Don't be the spaghetti.

I am not my thoughts. They just borrow me.

But thanks anyway, dear Val and Karen, whose blogs are not devoid of thoughtfulness either.

If you could appropriate one invention or device from Harry Potter's world, what would it be? Me - the Pensieve. That marvelous tool that Dumbledore used to empty his head for a while so that he could think properly. Oh yeah. I need that one. Especially now.

In other news - I am trying to avoid being Her.

You know Her.

I'd only ever heard of her. The Zilla. Not that virulent lioness of Western Cape politics.

I mean.

Shhh. [Bridezilla]. She who must not be given space.

She who tears menus with her teeth and flosses with rose thorns afterwards.

She who rants at the shrinking groom, as she towers and totters and crashes and-

She who must not come here. No.

Its not true.

We don't all have a tiny bridezilla lurking in us, waiting to come out.


Who said that?

I'll zap you with the registry gun and put you on my list.

I'll Seating Plan you out of existence.

Of course I remember why I'm doing this. Shattap!

In other thoughts -

You know how in many traditions there is a taboo around women preparing food when they are menstruating? Because they are thought to be Unclean? And then some feminist thought says that this is a patriarchal invention, that men associate female 'hotness' with impurity because they are trying to otherise femininity or some suchness?

Don't you think just maybe its a Cunning Plan invented by women, so that women can have a bloody week off? Pun bloody well intended.


That's better.


By the way....

Have you ever been in a glove?

P.S. I will award the thoughtfulness blog to 5 others, as prescribed. I'm just not sure who yet. I have to think about it.

*Bridezilla (a portmanteau of bride and Godzilla) is a generic term used to describe a difficult, unpleasant, perfectionist bride who leaves aggravated family, friends and bridal vendors in her wake. A bridezilla is obsessed with her wedding as her perfect day and will disregard the feelings of the family, bridesmaids and even her groom in her quest for the perfect wedding. -Wikipedia


tam said...

overshare? maybe. no time for edits, dear ones. no time at all.

Shiny said...

Well, the fun thing about being in a glove is how different all the gloves are... From the fabulous 80's fingerless white lace ones, to the soft antique silk ones to the chamoix (sp?) leather ones and, and, and... yes. And, hell, you have to be bridezilla a little. It's part of the fun of it all. Just a little tantrum here and there you know... maybe about the pink shade of the sugared almonds being wrong, or something?

Angela said...

Poor Bernd, hahaha! To avoid such an expansion, H and I did the tiniest wedding of all. Registry in the morning, then a little nap, then me going to the hair dresser who called me Mrs. Schmidt for the first time (I loved that), then me and H walking up the aisle, looking at each other and saying YES to the lady pastor, then going to a restaurant with our only 13 guests - three had the measles, but thirteen was fine for us. And then drive HOME!
Wonderful wedding. Never regretted.
Gloves still with us.

Lori ann said...

Be the spagetti AND the space between them if you need to Tam, luckily you can count the days now right?
and there's no use editing gloves...
(Beautiful Geli...sigh...)
Big Hug

Tessa said...

Oh yes, I've been in glove. Often.

family affairs said...

and what about "when gloves break down?" or "gloves are in the air" oh the possibilities are endless Lx

Shiny said...

Ooo, ooo.... "Making gloves, out of nothing at all..."

What a great game!


Miranda said...

"I feel it in my fingers, I feel it in my toes, gloves are all around us..come on and let them show"

....and on and on....

yaya, tell the vomit and val story!

Word veri - sillar

karen said...

I, too, love the HP pensieve...

Your gloves and other gloves in the comments area are making me smile!

macjanet said...

Tainted glove
You can't hurry glove
How deep is your glove
Don't throw your glove away

tam said...

ooh baby i need your glovin'

I've never gloved anyone this much ( the song of the overworked glovemaker)