Monday, March 23, 2009

The Revolution is for sale

Its kind of a dusty taste, like eating cornflakes that fell in the driveway and then you had to scoop them back in your bowl coz you didn't have a choice. The realisation that the South African government is not going to issue the Dalai Lama a visa.




Its "in the best interests of the country" if he doesn't come. Says the same government.


It best serves us, if a world renowned leader of peace love tolerance compassion et al stays away? is treated as an undesirable alien? Hangonaminite. We are South Africa. We are a country that by definition should be in favour of love tolerance compassion respect, the constitutional right to freedom of movement... er..
wot? you gonna ask his holiness to show his dompas?

Ok, try not to emotional about it, says my love. Just do a discourse analysis of the press release. Just look at it coolly. Even if you do that, its kinda shocking. I mean, on what basis do you normally deny someone a visa? If they are a suspected terrorist? A convicted drug dealer? This is the same country that gave refuge to Aristide of Haiti when no-one else would have him. (try to look at it unemotionally, he says).

The press release says, no, we're not aware of any pressure from China. We just think it would be in the best interests of the country, Because its a conference about Soccer. (bow low now, bow low) and the link between Soccer and Peace. and so what contribution would the Dalai Lama be making? (to this great moment) The press release seems to be saying his Holiness will just detract from the whole soccer thing by drawing attention away from the 2010 World Cup (bow down low, bow down) and putting it onto the whole Tibet thing. And therefore its not in the best interests... etc etc.

Um, hang on, let me pick that logic apart once more... you DON'T want him to draw attention away from the conference... and so you're going to refuse him entry? Because that will keep the newspapers focused on the issue at hand. Which is... um, what was it again? Soccer, peace, tolerance, anti-racism, human rights... oh yes. Ok. Funny, I didn't know a thing about it til this.

Oh bollox.

Its not a bit funny. I wish it was. The worst thing about it is that the only active outraged voices are the octagenarians. The dear Archbishop and his ageing peacekeepers.

It does, it makes me feel like like I swallowed sawdust.


Reya Mellicker said...

No it's not funny that there in SA as well as in his own country of Tibet, the Dalai Lama is so disrespected.

Right now at this moment in history, we NEED great wise people to guide us. That we turn our backs on this great man is genuinely tragic.

Makes my stomach hurt.


Lori ann said...

Yes, swallowing sawdust aptly describes it. If it's not about valuing a relationship with China what is it? S.A. is China's largest trading partner. It's not about soccer.

tam said...

of course its not about the soccer. Its about political and economic expedience. This government has settled into a groove of talking down to its voters. And lying to them. Its sad. It reminds me of Einsteins quote - you can't solve a problem with the same thinking that created the problem.

Shiny said...

Exactly, WTF? I actually had to check the date, thinking it must be a very-bad-taste April Fool's joke. I was so sad to realise that it's not x

Angela said...

Do you (still) have a free press? Can you send your post to a nation-wide newspaper?

Miranda said...

Open mouth. Close. Open mouth. Close. I'm lost for words.
Sis man

Janelle said...

shocking...aghast...yet un bloody surprised...zuma thinks he can't get HIV because he showered afterwards. xxx j

tam said...

Shiny - if only.
Angela - the press is pretty good and there is lots of vocalising going on. It seems the conference will be postponed?
Mo and Janelle - I know, its weird. But, we know the potential of what is really for sale to that hungry nation, eh? Kakumbi trees are next - we have to be so vigilant.
I don't think its ever possible to relax and sit back and expect people to act in aligment with justice. there is always a victory to protect..

But still, gloves are in the air...

Tessa said...

Yes, it's like wading through mud AND eating it.

Reya Mellicker said...

This is about your last post: Bridezilla. At my wedding, we had a pair of toy godzillas on the cake, one dressed as a bride, one as a groom.

So I really WAS a bridezilla. Wow.

hele said...

I find myself staring at ANC election posters and thinking of extremely rude things to write on them. The 15 years prison sentence for vandalizing election posters start seeming worth risking :)

tam said...

Reya, that's fantastic!
Hele - I agree, and am quite amused by those alterations to posters that have already been made - the lizard tongue; the "Together we can do more damage..." etc.

only humour gets us through it. But mine is getting ragged.

Anonymous said...

Is it such a surprise? I guess not.