Monday, September 1, 2008

floods and drought

My deadline looms at me across the narrowing gulf that separates Now from Tomorrow when it is Due. Three chapters took me two weeks. I have until tomorrow to do two more.

The dishes of the weekend tower in the kitchen.
Laundry creeps across the floors.

August winds toppled plant pots in the night, their crashes and woke me and used up the last spurt of adrenalin I had been saving. I did not get up at 5 to work.

What should I do first, I wonder. The chapter on Aids orphans, the section on floods, or the one on drought and famine? Or Governance? oh, this is no way to treat the muses.

My friend arrived in Nwarlins to start his new job. Hasn't been there since he was a student, when Katrina flushed him out. He arrived, found a place to stay, unzipped his bag. And zipped it up again. Gustav blowing him off for a little while longer.

Fires floods and droughts all over the news.

My computer screen scowls at me, stories husking, flaking in its glare. Tears and tantrums in my coffeecup.

Aaah, how delicious it is to nap in the middle of the day, curled up in the sun like a cat.


Miranda said...

Oh dear. I wondered about D and Gustav. Ho hum.
And sorry for the sawdust you're having to feed the muses. Hopefully they'll get some nectar soon. What am I talking about? They ARE getting nectar. Right here...

tam said...

hhmm. I don't think moaning and complaining about your grotty monday really helps. :)

s'okay, the nap really did help. and the cry. and the revenge fanatasies against a certain mac snob who made me spend most of saturday converting his &%$####@ files.

mental notes -
do not watch the news.
do not blog on mondays

sleep on mondays

Chimera said...

Ahhhh! The Nap! The Garfield Truth that is that sunshine and a soft place are inescapable. They require lying in. Especially on mondays. Mondays generally are not good news days as they collect all the bad stuff from the weekend.
Lots of love,
T x