Monday, September 1, 2008

six word me

Ok I am procrastinating heavily, and I couldn't let the last post stand on such a grumbly negative note.

So - have taken up the gauntlet cast by Ernest de Cugnac

Write your life story in 6 words.

Here are some run ups at it. (is that cheating?)

Learning to love: from sprouts - baobabs.

Shy girl onstage returned to books.

Thin bush waif ate a library.

Loved trees, ate books, spat words.

Born screaming. Grew quiet. Too quiet.

Couldn't find the words. Til later.

Ok so they're more descriptive than narrative - but you try, its blerry hard!


fush and chips said...

I like Learning to love: from sprouts - baobabs.

tam said...

Thanks. I like Miranda's. "Right continent, wrong colour. Oh well."

what's yours?

Janelle said...

i think he's having you all on... flip. will give it a twirl. how ARE YOU DARLING TAMARA BRILLIANT CHILD GIRL!!!?????XXXX

Deb said...

Hello again. I love wandering over here to see how your creative juices are flowing and much to my delight I find that you are as creative as the last time I visited! I am going to try this six word challenge - I know it won't be easy. You have set the bar high. Take care.

tam said...

Najella, I'm fine. Sweating under the whip of this deadline, but fine. Glad youre a bit perky again.

Deb - I'm happy to pass on a bit of juice, keep it flowing, and thanks for popping by...:)