Tuesday, September 9, 2008

the lines are dead

Oh look. The door, its open. I wonder if its safe to go out?
You know you mustn't. You promised. Something terrible will happen if you don't stick to the Deadline.
Just a cup of coffee?

Look, I could just nip out and be back in a second. Its safe out there.
Isn't it.

Oh bollocks is that the time?

Doooon't look at the liiiight!
But its so beauuuutifuuuuul.....!


I told you something terrible would happennnnn!!!!!!!!

Don't you hate deadlines? And dead lines? Some jobs are just plain hard work. This one is not happening for me. I love the idea, I love what I could do with it, given more time and a little more space to interpret freely. But, no. Client wants it this way. Client is nervous of lines that take on a life of their own and maybe try to dance a little. Let the words be neat, and all in the right sequence. They say they don't want jargon but when I cut it all out and worked very hard to make it clear and direct, they got nervous. Now they want me to put some back in.

I read it out loud to myself. Every line is weighty, porridgy. No sting to it, no sing.

Aah well. I have to amuse myself in other ways...


Ernest de Cugnac said...

Totally surreal!!!! Life lines, live lines and dead lines. But the last are truly the worst.

Do you know the MBTI (Myers Briggs)? Your fear of deadlines makes you a P. I wonder what your other letters are? I'm an INTP (so a P too).

Miranda said...

Ah, pole, sista! This is really rather hilarious! Wanna type up Pam's bird book for bit??

tam said...

Well, I didn't. But now I do. I'm an INFP, apparently. Thanks, I love stuff like that. What fun. And now I understand perfectly why this particular job is getting the better of me. Far too much rational problem solving gristle required. I think you'd do better at it.
Well, on we must. Thanks a lot!

tam said...

oh Miranda you must have dropped in while I was replying to Ernest. Its ok, thanks, I think I'd rather be doing this one! I'm soldiering on. Just er, having a bit of fun on the side.

Miranda said...

Oh what fun! Thanks Ernest! I'm an ENFP. Heh heh. What fabulous procrastinating material!

Reya Mellicker said...

Stuck for an eternity in cyberspace while micromanaged by a client?? Sounds like hell to me.


Love the comic bookish series of pics. Love your blog.

Your client is a control freak. May he/she calm down and let you do your job. For heaven's sake!

Reya Mellicker said...


tam said...

Thanks Reya. Actually the real problem is (isn't it so often) that they don't really know what they want. And 'the client' is a multi headed beast called the UN. Say no more.

The lesson - never show a draft too early.
I'm using it as an opportunity to be less awestruck by the whole 'deadline' thing. Hence the comic book games...
I know, I should get out more.
Wow, you're a 'protector'? very rare, apparently. Oooh I do like this new toy.

tam said...

The Man says I'm a drama queen.