Tuesday, June 17, 2008

hard knocks and shortfalls

Its those tiny pinhead moments that can prise your life apart. The short sharp tap of a diamond edge hammer that sends fragments flying.

We were lucky. It could've been like that but it wasn't.

Its been a wild few days. I'm doing too much, trying to keep too many balls in the air. Again. Aside from designing a play that is being rehearsed in another city and that opens in yet another city in just a week, I am also trying to piece together various other bits and pieces. The corporate training gig that has been on hold forever starts tomorrow morning and I had to drive to Pretoria to go through the strategy with my co-trainer, and pick up dvds along the way. Also on the side, trying to scrape together a marketing plan (and implement it) for the books that (still!) haven't arrived from Durbs. Also finish off various proposals and complete the self-imposed deadline of finishing my play before the festival. Agh sies man.

And then yesterday my beloved narrowly missed a Darwin award by falling 2 metres off a ladder onto a hard brick driveway while pruning the avocado tree.


You know when you see it happening before it does? Like the glass of red wine on the edge of the table and you know you must move it and then you don't and then it does get knocked over and you think your dread thought actually caused it?

Me: Um,that ladder doesn't look so safe, don't you wanna rather use the other one. Are you sure its ok?
He: Oh, stop fussing. Its fine.

But he does replace it with the sturdy metal one.

Me: Can't you just wait til I've finished this phone call? Then I can help.
He: Oh man, I've been wanting to do this job for two weeks!

In the pause between breath and fall. Between gasp and shout. Damn its a long time. But not long enough to reach out and pluck someone from the air. The branch sprung, knocked the ladder out from under him. I saw it happen in slomo.
"The concrete broke your fall" sings Michael Stipe. But we were lucky this time. My poor one, he is very very sore and bruised and probably has a couple of broken ribs. But he didn't sever an artery on the bowsaw he was holding. He didn't crack his head or break his neck. We don't need to buy a wheelchair as our next very expensive purchase. He can't burp laugh breathe cough or put on a jersey without shouting an angry shout but he will be ok.


So I spent the day driving to xrays and chiros and have not got anywhere near my to-do list. Postings may be sparse in the next few days.

Oh. And am fighting with blogger to figure out why the hell i don't have an add page elements button so those of you that dearly deserve to be on my blogroll, please be patient, I am not good at this stuff. In the meantime I am ecstatic that I have a tiny group of people who do come here, even if they are shy to leave comments. THANKYOU!! It means the world, serious.

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