Friday, June 13, 2008

where do i apply for my poetic licence?

It would be nice, wouldn't it? I mean, wouldn't it make life easier? If you could just whip out your little id card and say, well, actually I'm allowed to be staring vacantly out the window. See, here's my licence.

I wonder, would it entitle you to some form of legal protection. Or at least a support network. Like the medical associations. The Chiropractic Association. We all get together once a month and discuss similes, exchange rhymes. Or would be even be able to organise ourselves enough to demand a basic wage for poets... hmm. prolly not.

Would it make you feel a little less guilty about being in bed at 9 on a friday morning in winter with a laptop and the electric blanket on? Or wandering randomly around shopping malls staring and staring "through the bars of the rhyme" and wondering and wandering?

I wonder, what would it take to get your licence revoked? The overuse of cliches? A slightly too obvious appropriation of someone else's clever image? "I'm sorry maam, that's just one too many split infinitives. You're over the limit. We're going to have to endorse your licence."

I mean, could it help you to actually get away with pushing a slightly sad pun as far as I am trying to, right now?


Miranda said...

Haha! Thas funny. Maybe you apply at the post office? Would you have to sit a test? Would there be a practical too?

Janelle said...

well dear. you will wonder (and wander) until the crows build nests up your bottom and then you will wonder how they got the sticks up ancient victorian saying apparently...according to Myrtle Buswell. XXXX j said...

wonder. and wander. perfect. I do that all the time. i think its the best bit about pretending to be a writer (me, not you). oh. and having an excuse for the histironics i occassionally throw: i wish husband would understand they are the restult of artistic temperament and not because i am a difficult bitch.

Chimera said...

I love it! But imagine what you would get points for and when it woould be revoked? 'i'm sorry thats two points off for writing a management review for a policy document.'
Ahh much fun to be had with this one!
T xx

Anonymous said...

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