Monday, June 2, 2008


I'm in Cape Town for the week. I'll be staying with my dear cuz as of tonight, on her incredibly comfortable bed with her magnificent view. I'll be creating the set for a play that Yvette is directing for the festival. hmmm. A bit daunted by this as I am very rusty with design stuff. Ah weell.

so i may post dribs and drabs but not sure what my schedule will allow.

last night kind P put me up, which was a strain for her I know coz her dog was ailing. Badly. But lots of liver and water and he seems to have turned the corner in the night.

she also has a pretty impressive view.
thanks P!


Janelle said...

ah lovely kaap stad! thanks for your delicious comments babes. oh would LOVE some spider medicine too...! loved that blog. keep 'em coming. lots love xx j

Miranda said...

So whose magnificent view is the pic? Cuz or P?

tam said...

its P's lovely view. I'd show you cuz's but I left my phone cable at P!! ooops