Wednesday, June 18, 2008

heart[h] and home

thought of the day. if you take the h from in front of heart and put it at the end, you get earth.

Today I we mined for gold and found it. So rare, these moments of real heart connection in corporate contexts. I worked for months last year developing a training programme for a big cellphone company. A training programme designed along the lines of an initiation day. A finely balanced combination of theatre games, playful exercises and mind muscle problem games. You've got to love it when it works and it only works when you love it and for a sheer uninterrupted stretch of about 35 minutes we found real openings in people. An exercise in connecting your childhood passions and fascinations to what you are currently doing, no matter how dreary. I wasn't trusting the exercise at first and was going to chuck it coz we were running late but then decided to do a shortened version. To my amazement people shared, found energy in a usually sagging post lunch hour and we just kept rolling.

Perhaps the sabbatical that became a 6 month non earning period has been good for refreshing my playreflexes. It felt good today. I could do more of this.

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Janelle said...

ppooah! pole sana to B about his treacherous fall....! ow ow ow! and pole sana to your hectic schedule darlin'! slow it down. slow it reading your posts my sweet tam tam tamara...yeah..its all go this side...whew...waiting for old dad to get here...sending love as always xxxx janelle